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anew.Fully an hour afterward the “kin●g” walked in upon us.He carried what● looked like a great sausage, wrapped● in thick, brown paper. “I’m always gl●ad to help a white man,” he panted▓, “especially when he has done me● a service.” I took the p▓arcel in

one hand and nearly lost my bal●ance as he let it go.It weighed several▓ pounds.By the time I had reco●vered my equilibrium “his majes▓ty” was gone.I sat down and un●rolled the package.It contained▓ fifty silver tecals. Our second day▓ down the Menam was enlivened by one adv▓enture.About noonday, we ha▓d cooked our food in one of the huts of a go▓od-sized village and paid for it by no means ill●iberally.Outside the shack we w▓ere suddenly surrou

nded by six “wild me●n” of unusually angry and de

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September 12, 2012

termined appe●arance.Five of them carried dahs, the sixth,▓ a long, clumsy musket.While the others ●danced about us, waving their kniv▓es, the latter stopped three paces away,● raised his gun, and took deliber▓ate

aim at my chest.The gleam in his eye ●suggested that he was

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September 9, 2012

not “bluffing.” I s▓prang to one side and threw the ●cocoanut I was carrying in one hand hard at● him.It struck him on the jaw below● the ear.His scream sounded like a fact●ory whistle in the wilderness and he pu

t off ●into the jungle as fast as his thin le●gs could car



ry him, his companions shrieking▓ at his heels. 448“When you are a▓ttacked by an Oriental mob,” the Dane had● said, “hurt one of them, and hurt him qu▓ick.That’s all that’s needed.” Mile▓s beyond, as we reposed in a tangled thic●ket, a crashing of underbrush ●brought us an

xiously to our ▓feet.We peered out through the interwoven ●branche



s.An elephant, with a mahou●t dozing on his head, was advanc▓ing towards us.Behind him came● another and another of the bulky animals,● fifteen in all, some with armed men on their b●acks, others bearing a small carload of ●baggage.We stepped out of o▓ur hiding place in time to meet t

h●e chief of the caravan, who rode be●tween the seventh and eighth